NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 10 – Visualising Solid Shapes Exercise 10.3 Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Figure and Its Name

Question 1:

Can a polygon have for its faces

(i) 3 triangles?

(ii) 4 triangles?

(iii) A square and four triangles?


(i) No, a polyhedron cannot have 3 triangles for its faces. A polyhedron has minimum 4 faces.

(ii) Yes, a triangular pyramid has 4 triangular faces.

(iii) Yes, a square pyramid has a square face and 4 triangular faces.

Question 2: Is it possible to have a polyhedron with any given number of faces?


It is possible, a polyhedron has a minimum 4 faces.

Question 3: Which are prisms among the following?


A Nail

A nail


An Unshapened Pencil

Unsharpened pencil


A Table Weight

A table weight


A Box

A box


Figure (ii) unsharpened pencil and figure (iv) a box are prisms.

Prism Shapes Are Given

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