NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 11 –Mensuration Exercise 11.3 Part 3

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Understanding of total surface area are given

Understanding of Total Surface Area

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1. Rukshar painted the outside of the cabinet of measure . How much surface area did she cover if she painted all except the bottom of the cabinet?

Rukshar Painted the Outside of the Cabinet of Measure 1 M×2 M×1.5 M



Length of cabinet ,

Breadth of cabinet

And Height of cabinet

Surface area of cabinet =

So, the required surface area of cabinet is.

2. Daniel is paining the walls and ceiling of a cuboidal hall with length, breadth and height of respectively. From each can of paint of area is painted. How many cans of paint will she need to paint the room?



Length of wall

Breadth of wall

And Height of wall

Total surface area of classroom


Required number of cans


So, cans are required to paint the room.