NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 2 –Linear Equations in One Variable Exercise 2.2 Part 1

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Given, this figure Linear equations step

Linear Equations Step

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Question: 1 If you subtract from a number and multiple the result by you get what is the number?


Let the number be x.

Question: 2 The perimeter of a rectangular swimming pool is 154 m. Its length is 2 m more than twice its breadth. What are the length and the breadth of the pool?


Given,Rectangular swimmimg pool

Rectangular Swimmimg Pool

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Let the breadth of the pool be m.

2 m. more than twice its breadth.

Perimeter (P) =

Breadth of the pool = 25m

Length of the pool:

Length of the pool = 52m

Hence, the length of the pool is 52m and breadth is 25m.