NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 2 – Linear Equations in One Variable Exercise 2.2 Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Given this Figure Linear Equaction Method

Question: 8 Three consecutive integers are such that when they are taken in increasing order and multiplied by 2,3 and 4 respectively, they add up to 74. Find these numbers.


Let the three number consecutive integers be and

According to the question

Hence, first integer

Second integer and third integer

Question: 9 The ages of Rahul and Haroon are in the ratio 5: 7. Four years later the sum of their ages will be 56 years. What are their present ages?


Let the present ages of Rahul and Haroon be 5x years and 7x years respectively.

According to condition

Hence, present age of Rahul year and Present age of Haroon =

Question: 10 The number of boys and girls in a class are in the ratio 7: 5. The number of boys is 8 more than the number of girls. What is the total class strength?


Let the number of girls be .

Then, the number of boys = .

According to the question,

Hence the number of girls and number of boys

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