NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 2 –Linear Equations in One Variable Exercise 2.2 Part 5

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Given this figure Distribute linear equations in follow step

Distribute Linear Equations in Figure

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Question: 11. Baichung’s father is 26 years younger than Baichung’s grandfather and 29 years older than Baichung. The sum of the ages of all the three is 135 years. What is the age of each one of them?


Let Baichung’s age be years, then Baichung’s father’s age and

Baichung’s granddaughter’s age

According to condition,

Question: 12. Fifteen years from now Ravi’s age will be four times his present age. What is Ravi’s present age?


Let Ravi’s Present age be years.

After fifteen years, Ravi’s age

Fifteen years from now, Ravi’s age = years.

According to question,

Hence, Ravi’s Present age by 5 years.

Question: 13 A Rational number is such that when you multiply it by and add to product, you get. What is the number?


Let the rational be

Hence, the rational number is