NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 4 – Practical Geometry Exercise 4.4 Part 1

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Image of Making in Angle 45 Degree And 90 Degree for Practic …

Making an Angle 45 Degree and 90 Degree

Question: 1 Construct the following quadrilaterals:

(i) Quadrilateral DEAR

(ii) Quadrilateral TRUE




To construct, Quadrilateral DEAR

Step of Construction:

(1) A sketch of this quadrilateral can be drawn as follows.


Quadrilateral DEAR

(2) A line segment DE 4 cm and an angle of at point E. As vertex A is 5 cm away from vertex E, cut a line segment EA of 5 cm from this ray.


Draw a Line Segment DE 4 Cm and an Angle of 60 Degree at Point E

(3) A draw an angle of at point A. As vertex R is 4.5 cm away from vertex A, cut a line segment RA of 4.5 cm from this ray.


Draw Angle of 90 Degree at Point A

(4) Join D to R.


This Figure is Join D to R

DEAR is the required quadrilateral.



To construct, Quadrilateral TRUE

Step of Construction:

(1) A quadrilateral can be drawn as follow.


A Figure is Quadrilateral TRUE

(2) Draw a line segment RU 3 cm and an angle at point U. As vertex E is 4 cm away from vertex U, cut a line segment UE of 4 cm from this ray.


Draw a Line RU 3 Cm and an Angle 120 Degree at Point U

(3) Draw an angle of at point R. As vertex T is 3.5 cm away from vertex R, cut a line segment RT of 3.5 cm from this line


An Angle of 75 Degree at Point R

(4) Join T to E.


Join T to E in Given Figure