NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 4 – Practical Geometry Exercise 4.5 Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Rectangle ABCD for Practical Geometry

Question: 1 Draw the following: The Square READ with .



To construct, the Square READ

Step of Construction:

(1) Draw . (All sides are equal in square)

(2) At point E, construct an angle of and draw an arc of radius 5.1 cm, which intersects at point A.

(3) At point R, draw an arc of radius 5.1 cm at point A.

(4) Draw another arc of radius 5.1 cm which intersects the first arc at point D.

(5) Join AD and RD.

It is the required square READ.


Draw the Square READ

Question: 2 Draw the following: A rhombus whose diagonals are 5.2 cm and 6.4 cm.


Given, diagonals of a rhombus and

To construct a rhombus ABCD.

Step of Construction:

(1) Draw and draw perpendicular bisectors on AC.

(2) Diagonals bisect at mid-point O, therefore get half of 6.4 cm, i.e.. , 3.2 cm.

(3) Draw two arcs on both sides of AC of radius 3.2 cm from intersection point O, which intersects at B and D.

(4) Join AB, BC, CD and DA.

It is required rhombus ABCD.


A Figure is a Rhombus ABCD

Question: 3 Draw the following: A rectangle with adjacent sides of length 5 cm and 4 cm.


Given, MN = 5 cm and MP = 4 cm.

To construct, A rectangle MNOP

Step of Construction:

(1) Draw a segment .

(2) At points M and N, draw perpendiculars of lengths 4 cm and produce them

(3) Taking centres M and N draw two arcs of 4 cm each, which intersect P and O respectively.

(4) Join side PO.

It is required rectangle MNOP.


A Figure is Required Rectangle MNOP

Question: 4 Draw the following: A parallelogram OKAY where and cm.


Given, and .

To construct, A parallelogram OKAY.

Step of Construction:

(1) Draw a line segment .

(2) Draw an angle of at K and draw an arc of radius , which intersects at point A.

(3) Draw another arc of radius AY = 5.5 cm and at point O, draw another arc of radius 4.2 cm which intersect at Y.

(4) Join AY and OY.

It is the required parallelogram OKAY.


A Figure is a Parallelogram OKAY

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