NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 5 –Data Handling Exercise 5.1 Part 2

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Image of frequency and number of hours of TV watched chart

Image of Frequency and Number of Hours of TV Watched Chart

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Question: 4 Draw a histogram for the frequency table made for the data in Question 3 and answer the following questions.

(i) Which group has the maximum number of workers?

(ii) How many workers earn Rs. 850 and more?

(iii) How many workers earn less than Rs. 850?


(i) 830 – 840 group has the maximum number of workers.

(ii) Workers workers can earn more than 850.

(iii) Workers workers earn less than 850.

Image of a histogram of the frequency table

Image of a Histogram of the Frequency Table

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Question: 5 The number of hours for which students of a particular class watched television during holidays is shown through the given graph. Answer the following:

(i) For how many hours did the maximum number of students watch T.V.?

(ii) How many students watched TV for less than 4 hours?

(iii) How many students spent more than 5 hours in watching TV?

Chart of hours of number of students watched a TV per day

Chart of Hours of Number of Students Watched a TV Per Day

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(i) The maximum number of students watched T.V. for 4 – 5 hours.

(ii) Students students watched T.V. for less than 4 hours.

(iii) Students students spent more than 5 hours in watching T.V.