NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 5 – Data Handling Exercise 5.2 Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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All Charts for Data Handling

Question: 1 A survey was made to find the type of music that a certain group of young people liked in a city.

Adjoining pie chart shows the findings of this survey. From this pie chart, answer the following:

(i) If 20 people liked classical music, how many young people were surveyed?

(ii) Which type of music is liked by the maximum number of people?

(iii) If a cassette company were to make 1000 CD՚s, how many of each type would they make?

Pie Chart of Percentage of People like Different Music


(I) Here, 20 people liked classical music.


So, total 200 young people were surveyed.

(II) Light music is liked by the maximum number of people.


Hence, 80 people liked light music.

(III) No. of CD՚s

CD՚s of Light music =

CD՚s of Folk music =

CD՚s of Classical music =

CD՚s of Semi classical music =

Question: 2 A group of 360 people were asked to vote for their favorite season from the three seasons rainy, winter and summer.

(i) Which season got the most votes?

(ii) Find the central angle of each sector.

(iii) Draw a pie chart to show this information.

A Group of 360 People Were Asked to Vote for Their …


(i) Winter season got the most votes because of maximum 150 number of votes in this Season.

(ii) Total votes

Central angle

Central angle of summer season

Central angle of rainy season

Central angle of winter season =

(iii) Pie chart below:

Pie Chart Shows the Degree of Seasons

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