NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Solutions: Chapter 8 – Comparing Quantities Exercise 8.2 Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Iamge Shows the Cost Price and Selling Price Formula

Question: 7 A milkmen sold two of his buffaloes for ₹ 20,000 each. On one he made a gain of 5 % and on the other a loss of 10 % . Find his overall gain or loss.


SP of each buffalo

SP of 2 buffalo

Let current price of each buffalo

In case of profit:

After 5 % profit, SP

Current price

In case of loss:

After 10 % loss, SP

Current price

Total current price

So, . Therefore, here it is loss.


Hence, overall loss is ₹ 1269.84

Question: 8 The price of a TV is ₹ 13,000. The sales tax charged on it is at the rate of 12 % . Find the amount that Vinod will have to pay if he buys it.


C. P. and sales tax rate

Sales tax

Total amount

Hence, Vinod will have to pay ₹ 14560

Question: 9 Arun bought a pair of skates at a sale where the discount given was 20 % . If the amount he pays is ₹ 1600 find the marked price.


S. P = ₹ 1600 and Rate of discount

Let take MP ₹ 100

Marked price

Hence, marked price is ₹ 2000

Question: 10 I purchased a hair-dryer for ₹ 5400 including 8 % VAT. Find the price before VAT was added.


C. P. = ₹ 5,400 and Rate of VAT = 8 %

Let take CP without VAT is ₹ 100. price including VAT

Price before VAT

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