NCERT Class 9 Solutions: Surface Areas and Volumes (Chapter 13) Exercise 13.7 – Part 1

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volume of cone=1/3 πr^2 h

Volume of Cone

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Relation between the height, radius and slant height of a co …

Slant Height Radius and Height of Cone

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By the Pythagoras theorem,

Q-1 Find the volume of the right circular cone with

  1. Radius , height

  2. Radius , height


  1. Radius , Height , Therefore, volume of the cone

  2. Radius , Height , Volume of the cone

Q-2 Find the capacity in liters of a conical vessel with

  1. Radius , slant height

  2. Height, slant height


  1. Radius , Slant height , Consider the height of the conical vessel. Then by applying Pythagoras theorem,

Now, volume of the cone

Therefore, capacity of the vessel

  1. Height Slant height , Consider the radius of the conical vessel. Again using Pythagoras theorem,

Volume of the cone

Therefore, capacity of the vessel ,