NCERT Class 9 Solutions: Coordinate Geometry (Chapter 3) Exercise 3.3 – Part 1

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Q-1 In which quadrant or on which axis do each of the pointlie? Verify your answer by locating them on the Cartesian plane.


Give quardrant or on axis ofthe point of (1,2) as a 1 st qua …

Give Quardrant or on Axis

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Understanding of quadrant Cartesian plane.

Cartesian plane with quadrants and signs of x and y coordina …

Signs of X and Y Coordinates in Each Quadrant

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  1. → Second quadrant (-coordinatre is negative & -coordinate is positive)

  2. → Fourth quadrant (-coordinatre is positive & -coordinate is negative)

  3. → Second quadrant (-coordinatre is negative & -coordinate is positive)

  4. → First quadrant (-coordinate & -coordinate are both positive)

  5. → Third quadrant (-coordinatre &-coordinate are both negative)

Q-2 Plot the points given in the following table on the plane, choosing suitable units of distance on the axes.

Give different point of (x,y) like x value is (-2,-1,0,1,3) …

Give Different Point of (X,Y)

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Points on the plane.

Plot the points (x,y). 1st quadrant: no points, 2nd quadrant …

Points Plotted on a Graph

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