NCERT Class 11 Physics Solutions: Chapter 9 – Mechanical Properties of Solid-Part 3

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Question 9.6:

The edge of an aluminum cube is long. One face of the cube is firmly fixed to a vertical wall. A mass of is then attached to the opposite face of the cube. The shear modulus of aluminum is . What is the vertical deflection of this face?


Edge of the aluminum cube

The mass attached to the cube,

Shear modulus of aluminium

The vertical deflection of the cube is showing in figure.

Figure Shown the Vertical Deflection of the Cube

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Shear modulus


Applied force

Area of one of the faces of the cube

Vertical deflection of the cube

The vertical deflection of this face of the cube is

Question 9.7:

Four identical hollow cylindrical columns of mild steel support a big structure of mass . The inner and outer radii of each column are respectively. Assuming the load distribution to be uniform, calculate the compressional strain of each column.


Mass of the big structure,

Inner radius of the column,

Outer radius of the column,

Young’s modulus of steel,

Total force exerted,

The compressional strain of each column is showing in figure …

Figure Shown the Compressional Strain of Each Column

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Stress Force exerted on a single column





Hence, the compressional strain of each column is

Question 9.8:

A piece of copper having a rectangular cross-section of is pulled in tension with force, producing only elastic deformation. Calculate the resulting strain?


Length of the piece of copper,

Breadth of the piece of copper,

Area of the copper piece:

Tension force applied on the piece of copper,

Modulus of elasticity of copper,

Modulus of elasticity,