NCERT Political Science/Civics Class 7 Chapter 3 How the State Government Works Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Q-4 What was the problem in Patalpuram? What discussion/action was taken by the following? Fill in the table.

Problem in Patalpuram
Public Meeting
Legislative Assembly
Press Conference
Chief Minister


- Actions of Patalpuram
  • The problem in Patalpuram was that there was a lack of clean drinking water and proper sanitation.
  • In addition, people were dying of water-borne diseases and there was a shortage of proper medical facilities.
Voice Against Govt
Public Meeting
  • Affected people organized a meeting in which they reused their voice against the government.
  • They had complains that the government failed to check diarrhoea.
  • They also made demands for safe drinking water.
Legislative Assembly
  • It discussed the problems of Patalpuram with the help of some of the MLAs.
  • They appealed to the Health Minister to make available clean drinking water, sanitation of the locality for the sake of those who lived in that area.
Press Conference
  • Different news reporters also raised the burning issue of deaths due to diarrhoea in Patalpuram.
  • They also highlighted the various problems of the people of that area due to the acute crisis of water.
  • The Health Minister organized a press conference in which he announced that his Government had directed all the Collectors and the Chief Medical Officers to take immediate action to bring the situation under control.
Chief Minister
  • The chief minister visited Patalpuram.
  • He visited the families who had lost their relatives.
  • He also visited people in the hospitals.
  • He announced a compensation for these families.
  • He requested the Minister for Public Works to take care of the needs of proper water supply in the region.

Q-5 What is the difference between the work that MLAs do in the Assembly and the work done by government departments?

  • MLAs make and debate decisions in the assembly and pass laws.
  • MLAs can express their opinions and ask questions related to the issue or give suggestions about what should be done by the government in the assembly and pass laws.
  • They form the ruling government. The government departments, run by the chief minister and other ministers, implement the laws made by the Legislative Assembly.
  • The work done by the government departments has to be approved by the members of the Legislative Assembly.

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