NCERT Political Science/Civics Class 7 Chapter 6 Understanding Media Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Q-3 Can you give this diagram a title? What do you understand about the link between media and big business from this diagram?


  • “Media and Big Business Houses” can be a suitable title for the diagram.
  • The diagram provides us with two interesting aspects:
    • In order to promote their product, business houses place advertisements in various media like newspapers, TV, radio etc. there advertisement՚s influence the readers or viewers to buy products. Thus money invested by the big business houses in advertisements comes back to them by sale of their products.
    • Big corporates own TV channels, magazines and other media industries. They advertise their products through various media and influence people to buy their products. Since the business giants own the media houses. There are high chances of unfair reporting about their products.
Big Business Houses

Q-4 As a class project, decide to focus on a particular news topic and cut out stories from different newspapers on this. Also watch the coverage of this topic on TV news, compare two newspapers and write down the similarity — and differences in their reports. It might help to ask the following questions:

  1. What information is this article providing?
  2. What information is it leaving out?
  3. From whose point of view is the article being written?
  4. Whose point of view is being left out and why?


  • Take two different newspapers.
  • For examples, “The Times of india” and “Hindustan Times” .
  • Go through both the papers of the same day.
  • Choose any particular news heading in both the papers.
  • Also watch the different TV Channels for this particular news heading and answer the questions given with the help of newspaper cuttings and news watched on different TV channels.

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