NCERT Class 7 CIVICS Solutions: A Shirt in the Market Chapter 9 – Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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NCERT Class 7 Political Science / Polity / Civics Chapter 9: A Shirt in the Market | English | CBSE

Question 8:

What are the demands foreign buyers make on the garment exporters? Why do the garment exporters agree to these demands?


They demand the lowest prices from the garment exporters. They set high standards for quality of production and timely delivery. Any defects or delay in delivery in dealt with strictly.

The garment exporters agree to these demands because they are able to gain maximum profits even after that.

Question: 9

How do the garment exporters meet the conditions set by the foreign buyers?

Rules of Foreign Buyers


The garment exporters cut costs. They get maximum work out of the workers at the lowest possible wages.

Question 10:

Why do you think more women are employed in the Impex garment factory?


Women are employed in the Impex garment factory because they agree to work even at the lowest possible wages.

Question 11:

Compare the eamings per shirt of the worker in the garment factory, the garment exporter and the business person in the market abroad what do you find?


The business person abroad makes profit of ₹ 600 on one shirt and the garment exporter gains ₹ 100 on shirt. So far the worker՚s earning is concerned, he gets only ₹ 15 per shirt.

Question 12:

What are the reasons that the businessperson is able to make a huge profit in the market?


Business person do business strictly on their own terms. They demand the lowest prices from the supplier and sells at higher rate to high income group.

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1:

Who was Swapna?


Swapna was a small farmer in Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) and grows cotton on her small piece of land.

Question 2:

Why did Swapna take loan from the local trader?


She took loan from the local trader to buy seeds, fertilisers, pesticides for cultivation of cotton.

Question 3:

On what condition did the trader agree to give loan to Swapna?


He agreed to give loan to Swapna on a condition that she would sell all her cotton to him.

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