NCERT Class 7 CIVICS Solutions: A Shirt in the Market Chapter 9 – Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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NCERT Class 7 Political Science / Polity / Civics Chapter 9: A Shirt in the Market | English | CBSE

Question 4:

What is putting-out arrangement?


It is an arrangement between the merchant and the weavers whereby the merchant supplies the raw material and receives the finished product. It is prevalent in the weaving industry in most regions of India.

Question 5:

Who are mostly employed in the impex garment factory?

Garment Factory


They are Women

Question 6:

What do women workers do in the Impex garment factory?


They are employed as helpers for thread cutting, buttoning, ironing and packaging.

Question 7:

Whom does the garment exporting factory export the shirts to?


The garment exporting factory exports the shirts to foreign buyers

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1:

How are small farmers in the grip of the local trade?


Small farmers cannot do without the help of the local traders. They depend on them for various reasons

(a) During cropping season they take loan from the local traders

(b) Whenever, there is an illness in the family they go to the local trader for help

(c) Farmers also face seasonal unemployment. There are times in the year when they have no work and hence no income. During this time their survival depends on borrowing money from him.

Due to these reasons small farmers easily come in the grip of the powerful local traders.

Question 2:

How do weaver՚s cooperatives reduce the dependence of weavers on the cloth merchants?


In a cooperative people with common interests come together and work for their mutual benefit. In a weaver՚s cooperative, the weavers form a group and take up certain activities collectively. They get yam from the yam dealer and distribute it among the weavers. The cooperative also does the marketing. In this way, the role of the merchants is reduced and weavers get a fair price on the cloth that they produce by dint of their hard labour.

Question 3:

Write a short note on the Impex garment factory


The impex garment factory employs mostly women. The workers work on temporary basis. They can be asked to leave any time. Their wages are fixed according to their skills. The highest paid among the workers are the tailors who get about ₹ 3,000 per month. Women are employed as helpers. They are engaged in thread cutting, buttoning, ironing and packaging. They get the lowest wages.

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