NCERT Class 8 CIVICS Solutions: Understanding Marginalization Chapter 7 – Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 7:

In the storyboard you read about how Helen hopes to make a movie on the Adivasi story. Can you help her by developing a short story on Adivasis?


Here a story has been given below for an example: An Adivasi group lived in a village. They lived there peacefully and used to fulfill their needs from the land and the forests around them. One day a few strangers reached their village along with a government document and announced that the land where Adivasi were living belonged to Mr. sharma (an industrialist) . So they will have to vacate the village because Mr. Sharma wanted to establish an industry over there. When Adivasis did not agree to leave their land, they were humiliated and tortured Mr. Sharma finally decided to visit the village Personally and tried to settle the deal by offering some money to them. While coming to the village valley, but was saved. When Mr. Sharma opened his eyes, he saw himself surrounded by some villagers. He came to know that they saved the life of his son with the help of medicinal herbs available in forests. Mr. Sharma learnt that those people belonged to the same Adivasi group whom he wanted to abandon from their land. Finally, Mr. Sharma begged apology from the Adivasis and withdrew his idea of locating an industry in the village. He realized that it would not be justified to ruins the life of those who saved his son՚s life,

Question 8:

Would you agree with the statement that economic marginalization and social marginalization are interlinked? Why?


Yes, economic and social marginalisations are interlinked. This can be seen in the following points:

Social marginalisation is based on religion, culture, tradition, dress etc. If a particular group is different from the rest, then it will lead to religious differences.

Religious differences prevent minorities from getting jobs, allowing their children to go to school or renting houses for themselves, which in turn leads to these marginalised communities not being able to earn enough

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