NCERT Class X Science Solutions: Chapter 16 – Management of Natural Resources Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 1:

What changes would you suggest in your home in order to be environment-friendly?


  • Segregate wastes into recyclable and non-recyclable.
  • Use water and electricity judiciously.
  • Do not waste food.
  • Reuse newspapers and plastic items.
  • Keep windows open to prevent less use of fan.
  • Follow three R՚s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) .

Question 2:

Can you suggest some changes in your school which would make it environment-friendly?


  • Grow trees along the boundary wall.
  • Grow shrubs and small plants on the sides of internal road and around the playground.
  • Harvest water from rooftop to be utilized for watering the plants.
  • Arrange awareness programmers among students through poster exhibition and seminars.
  • Avoid wastage of water and paper should be recycled for handicraft purposes.

Question 3:

We saw in this chapter that there are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wildlife. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produce? Why do you think so?


  • The people who live in or around forests and are dependent on forest products for various aspects of life. The forest department that owns the land and controls the forest resources and their produce. The wildlife and nature- enthusiasts who want to conserve nature in its original form as far as possible.
  • The local people who live in or around the forests must have more say in deciding the management of forest produce. They take the materials only up to their needs from the forest resources and try to replenish these resources.

Question 4:

How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference to the management of

  1. Forests and wildlife,
  2. Water resources and
  3. Coal and petroleum?


  1. Forests and Wildlife
  2. Take part in community activities with focus on conserving forests and wildlife.
  3. As a tourist follow all principles of conservation.
  4. Help organizations engaged in conservation of forests and wildlife
  5. Water Resources
  6. Save water in domestic use.
  7. Install a system for rainwater harvesting.
  8. Coal and Petroleum
  9. Save electricity whenever required.
  10. Install electric gadgets that use less power.
  11. Use public transport.

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