NCERT Class VII Science Solutions: Chapter 11-Transportation in Animals and Plants Part 4

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Question 9:

Why is blood needed by all the parts of a body?


Blood transports substances like digested food from the small intestine to the other parts of the body. It carries oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body. It also transports waste for removal from the body. So, it acts as a carrier of various substances. Every part of the body needs certain substances to perform its functions. Additionally, every part creates some waste products for removal. Blood is needed by all parts of the body so that various substances can be supplied to them and waste can be removed from them.

As showing in Image is a blood needed by all the parts of a …

Blood Needed by All the Parts of a Body

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Question 10:

What makes the blood look red?


The presence of haemoglobin makes blood appear red. Each hemoglobin protein is made up subunits called hemes, which are what give blood its red color.

The hemes can bind iron molecules, and these iron molecules bind oxygen. The blood cells are red because of the interaction between iron and oxygen.

As showing in Image is a presence of haemoglobin makes blood …

Resence of Haemoglobin Makes Blood Appear Red

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