NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 13-Sound Part 2

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Question 5:

A pendulum oscillates 40 times in 4 seconds. Find its time period and frequency.


Question 6:

The sound from a mosquito is produced when it vibrates its wings at an average rate of 500 vibrations per second. What is the time period of the vibration?


Question 7:

Identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the following instruments:

  1. Dholak

  2. Sitar

  3. Flute


  1. Dholak: Dholak has stretched membranes which vibrate to produce sound.

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  1. Sitar: In sitar, the stretched strings, when vibrate, they produce sound.

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  1. Flute: Flute is a wind musical instrument which uses air column to produce sound.

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