NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 17-Stars and the Solar System Part 3

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Question 9:

What is a constellation? Name any two constellations.


The star forming a group that has a recognizable shape is called a constellation.

A constellation that can be seen during winter in the late evenings is Orion. It was an ancient Greek hunter and warrior and the constellation resembles this figure, with a club and a shield, and a sword dangling from his belt.

Examples: Great Bear, Orion, Cassiopeia and Leo Major.

This image shows some constallations in the night sky

Some Constallations in the Night Sky

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Question 10:

Draw sketches to show the relative positions of prominent stars in

  1. Ursa Major

  2. Orion


As showing in images is a Ursa major and Orion

Ursa Major and Orion

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Question 11:

Name two objects other than planets which are members of the solar system.


Asteroids and Meteors are objects other than planets which are members of the solar system

Question 12:

Explain how you can locate the Pole Star with the help of Ursa Major.


Look at the two stars (Marked A and B in the figure) at the end of Ursa Major. Imagine a straight line passing through these stars. Extend this imaginary line (From A to B) towards the north direction. (About five times the distance between the two stars). This line will lead to a star which is not too bright. This is the Pole Star.

As showing in images is a Pole star

Pole Star

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