NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 7-Conservation of Plants and Animals Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question 2:

Differentiate between the following:

  1. Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve.
  2. Zoo and wildlife sanctuary.
  3. Endangered and extinct species.
  4. Flora and fauna


  1. Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve.
Wildlife Sanctuary and Biosphere Reserve
S. No.Wildlife SanctuaryBiosphere Reserve
1.An area protected for animals where animals can live in their natural habitat is known as a wildlife sanctuary. In these sanctuaries hunting, poaching, grazing, felling trees etc. are strictly prohibited.An area which is conserved to protect the biodiversity and culture of that area is known as biosphere reserve. A biosphere reserved is consisted of many protected areas like sanctuaries, national parks, Lakes Mountains etc.
2.There are about 440 wildlife sanctuaries in India.There are 15 Biosphere reserves in India.
  1. Zoo and wildlife sanctuary.
Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary
S. No.ZooWildlife Sanctuary
1.It is a place where animals live in artificial habitat.It is place where animals live in natural habitat.
2.The animals are protected for public view and they are spread in small areas.The animals are protected and conserved in very large areas. The areas are prohibited for hunting, grazing, felling trees etc.
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  1. Endangered and extinct species.
Endangered and Extinct Species
S. No.Endangered SpeciesExtinct Species
1.The species which are at the verge of extinction and which are required to be protected and conserved are known as endangered species.The species which no more exist on the earth are known as extinct species.
2.Example: tiger, wild buffalo etc.Example: dinosaurs.
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  1. Flora and fauna.
Flora and Fauna
S. No.FloraFauna
1.All plant life occurring in an area is known as FloraAll animal life occurring in an area is known as Fauna.
2.Example: Sal, teak, mango, jamun, silver ferns, Arjun, etc. are the flora.Example: Chinkara, blue-bull, barking deer, cheetal, leopard, wild dog, wolf, etc. are the fauna.
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