NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 7-Conservation of Plants and Animals Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 3:

Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following:

  1. Wild animals.
  2. Environment.
  3. Villages (Rural areas) .
  4. Cities (Urban areas) .
  5. Earth.
  6. The next generation.


  1. Wild animals:
  2. The natural habitat of the animals is destroyed by deforestation. Without the natural habitat the animals are left with no place to live and breed. As a result of this many animals are at the verge of extinction.
Image Result for a Wild Animals
  1. Environment:
  2. Deforestation has resulted in Global warming. Carbon dioxide is not absorbed by plants and it gets accumulated in the atmosphere. It has an adverse effect on our ecosystem.
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  1. Villages (Rural areas) :
  2. The rural areas largely depend on forests for fuel, fruits, wood etc. Deforestation has reduced their resources and the uninhabited animals are also a danger for the villagers.
Result for Villages
  1. Cities (Urban areas) :
  2. Cities are not directly affected by deforestation. But the changes in the climate results in calamities like flood and droughts which affect the cities also. It also leads to global warming.
Image Result for Cities (Urban Areas)
  1. Earth:
  2. Deforestation has converted the fertile lands into deserts. The natural calamities like floods and droughts are also the result of deforestation. The climate of earth has been changed due to deforestation.
  3. The next generation:
  4. Deforestation has affected our climate very much. Many species are at the verge of extinction because of deforestation and some species are already extinct. The next generation may not be able to see many beautiful and attractive fauna and flora. It may have to suffer from the effects of global warming, no fuel and no paper etc.

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