NCERT Class VIII Science Solutions: Chapter 8-Cell Structure and Functions Part 3

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Question 8:

‘Cells are the basic structural units of living organisms’. Explain.


Both, bricks in a building and cells in the living organisms, are basic structural units. All basic functions for the organism survival take place inside cells. As bricks assemble to make a building, cells assemble to make the body of every organism. A group of cells form a tissue which performs a specific function. A group of tissue forms an organ and in the same way a group of organs from an organism. That is why cells are considered as the basic structural units of living organisms.

As showing in image is a Brick wall and Onion peel

Brick Wall and Onion Peel

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Question 9:

Explain why chloroplasts are found only in plant cells?


Chloroplasts are found in plant cells only because chloroplasts contain chlorophyll which is essential for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll traps cell energy and use it to prepare food for plants.

Question 10:

Complete the crossword with the help of clues given below:


  • This is necessary for photosynthesis.

  • Term for component present in the cytoplasm.

  • The living substance in the cell.

  • Units of inheritance present on the chromosomes.


  • Green plastids.

  • Formed by collection of tissues.

  • It separates the contents of the cell from the surrounding medium.

  • Empty structure in the cytoplasm.

  • A group of cells.

As showing in image is a crossword


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  • Chlorophyll.

  • Organelle.

  • Protoplasm.

  • Genes


  • Chloroplasts.

  • Organ.

  • Membrane.

  • Vacuole.

  • Tissue.

As showing in image is a crossword Answer

Crossword Answer

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