Class 6 Civics Chapter 7 Urban Administration, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Ward Councillors, Municipal Ward Committees (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Urban Administration in India


  • Urban Administration is a govt. programme for administering the Urban Bodies such as Municipality, Municipal Corporations, and the Notified Area Councils (NAC) .
  • To look after execution of public facilities and civic amenities, various departments support the municipality:
    • Sanitation
    • Health
    • Education
    • Construction, etc.

Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council

  • Municipal Corporation in large cities and Municipal Council in smaller towns.
  • The sub-divisions of a town or a city are called “Wards.”
  • A budget is allocated for each municipal ward and the municipal councillor in-charge of the ward looks after the spending of the budget for the welfare of the people.

Municipal Corporation Affects the Life of a City Dweller

  • Garbage collection and disposal.
  • Controlling disease breakout.
  • Supplying of electricity.
  • Supply of safe drinking water.
  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing street lights.

Various Taxes Paid by the Citizens to the Municipal Corporation

Taxes Paid by the Citizens to the Municipal Corporation

Municipal Ward Councillors

  • These are the people through which Municipal Wards work.
  • These Councillors are responsible for urban administration in India.
  • People can approach these councillors to get resolution to their problems.
  • Problems may range from filth and garbage, spreading of disease, spoiling the aesthetics of the area, etc.

Municipal Ward Committees

  • Councillors meet to form “committees.”
  • Ward councillors sit together and debate and discuss this issue.
  • They may also pass a budget to solve the problem.

Administrative Staffs or Workers

  • Appointed by the government.
  • They provide support to a company and look after the implementation and management of various programmes.
  • This support might include:
    • General office management.
    • Answering phones.
    • Speaking with clients.
    • Assisting an employer.
    • Clerical work including maintaining records and entering data.

Contract Employees

  • When workers are not hired on the payroll of the municipality.
  • Private operators get the contract of various works to cut costs.
  • There is no job security and these workers don՚t get social security either.

Various Designation under Urban Administration & Development

Chief Municipal Officer (CMO)

  • He is the Principal Executive officer of the council.
  • Responsible for producing records, correspondence plan, or other documents to council.
  • As desired by the Council, Periodical Progress Report gets submitted.

Revenuer Inspector (RI)

  • He prepares the list of assesses and the demand register.
  • Recovery is determined according to the annual target.
  • Responsible for the recovery the license fee.


  • He looks after the maintenance of cashbook and subsidiary registers.
  • Payment of different types of bills.
  • Prepares budget and Municipal Accounts.

Junior Accounts Officer (JAO)

  • Payment of pay bills.
  • Checking of service records.
  • Monitoring and checking of periodical returns.

Lower Division Clerk (LDC)

  • Presentation of files and papers.
  • Maintaining accounts of income & expenditure.
  • Preparation of bills.

Upper Division Clerk (UDC)

  • Process the cases related to establishment.
  • To process the claims made by the staff.
  • Preparing pension cases for its sanction.

Assistant Project Officer (APO)

  • Maintaining MIS.
  • Looking after the Bank loan cases approved/recovery of loans.
  • Analysing monthly progress given by the project officer.

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