NCERT Class 10 Economics Chapter 5: Consumer Rights Complete Notes Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Consumer Rights

Safety is Everyone՚s Right

  • Medical negligence – filed to National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (anesthesia led to crippling for life)
  • Producers must strictly follow safety rules
  • Pressure cooker – safety valves

What to look for?

  • Ingredients used
  • Price and batch number
  • Date of manufacturing & expiry
  • Address of the manufacturer
  • Directions of Use
  • Information on side effect – in case of medicines
  • Instructions for washing – in case of garments

let՚s say there is another example of medical negligence so person was administered anesthesia and as a side effect of that the person suffered from crippling now the care takers of the person went to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal and they asked for a kind of reimbursement or the compensation for that. So that is again kind of consumer rights which comes under COPRA act. Safety is everyone right and the producers must strictly follow the safety rules,

For example if we take a simple example pressure cooker it has safety valve and if it does not have a safety valve and it does not meet the given guideline it should not be allowed in the open market. So as a customer what all things should we look for. If I am buying a tablet medicine I would look for date of manufacturing, I would look for date of expiry, I would look for the MRP, the batch number so these are some common things that you look for, besides that the ingredients or the composition for any food article or medical articles, the direction of use, the address of the manufacturers. These are something that as a customer I have the right to look.

  • Can complain
  • Ask for compensation
  • Oct 2005, RTI ensures its citizens all the information about functions of government departments
  • Student joined coaching institute (paid lump sum – left – but denied refund)
  • Right to choose the service
  • Want to buy toothpaste (but comes along with brush) – you can deny that

Again the customer has right to be informed he can complain in case he has suffered some losses because of it he can ask compensation. In certain cases recall of articles can also be done.

In 2005, RTI was released so the right to information act asked about providing citizens the information that they require from the various government departments. For example if I have the right to choose a service what I can do is I՚m doing supposedly my research work and I want to get a data from say the region what would happen? The department denies me providing the data but as a customer there I have the right to information and based on the RTI against the department I require this is data which the department is not willing to provide. So this is a kind of example where you have the right to choose the service that you have and so on.

Seeking Justice

  • Right to seek redressal against unfair trade
  • Right for compensation (if damage is done)
  • Ex: person sends MO to village but not reaches – file to district consumer court
  • Consumer forum & consumer protection council
  • Financial support for awareness

Now next is seeking justice so as a customer again you have the Right to seek redressal. When they feel there are unfair trade practice so providing financial support, now again when you dealing the cases under the COPRA act which comes under three heads. The consumer protection right it says the district level, state level or national level, so let՚s say I՚m residing in urban area and I have my close relative and my near and dear ones in the village. I՚m sending the money order in the urban area and sending the money order to the family there to support them and for some cases the money order does not reach there. What I will do is I will go to the post office inquiring why it does not reach? Then I might receive the reply that we don՚t know what the problem was where it was struck up, so what would ultimately happen is I would file a consumer complain stating that the money order we will send for this amount and it has not been received in village.


  • District: Upto 20 lakhs
  • State: 20 lakhs to 1 crore
  • National: more than 1 crore
  • Set up separate consumer affairs dept. in govt.
  • We can discriminate and make informed choices
  • Agmark – Agriculture
  • Hallmark – Jewelry
  • ISI – Electronic products
  • 24 Dec – National Consumer Day – COPRA enacted

Under COPRA, as we said you have three limits under the district court to file cases. Upto ₹ 20 lakhs under the district, file up to 20 lakhs to 1 crore in state and more than 1 crore rupees under the national court. Now as we said we have to discriminate and whenever we are discriminating, we are making or we are kind of informed citizen who has the right to choose so given the choice A, B, C. I have the right to opt one that feels is the best. Again to maintain the quality government has come up with some regulatory standards, for example Agmark is a regulatory standard for agriculture products, hallmark is for jewelry products and as for electronic product is ISI. Similarly to focus or to help customers enhance their right 24 December is celebrated as the national consumer day.

  • Right to be protected
  • Right to be informed
  • Right to be assured
  • Right to be heard
  • Right to seek redressal
  • Right to consumer education

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