NCERT Class 9 Economics Chapter 2: People as Resource Complete Notes Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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People as Resources


  • Asset & not liability
  • Working population – Skill & productivity
  • Contribution to GNP
  • Education & Healthy Human – Human Capital Formation – Return on Investment
  • Green Revolution
  • IT revolution
  • Skill India

Now in this chapter we will focus about human being or human resource as an asset rather than a liability. let՚s start with taking an example of a country say Japan, Japan I can say is a unique country with it՚s very high gross national product that is due to the increase in the economic activities that generate from the production sector. However this country does not own much natural resources then how come this nation comes among few of the developed nations? The reasoning being the human resource of this nation, that means human resource or people are an integral part of development.

However there are certain regions which do not have sufficient natural resources. Still by means of simply the human resources they surpass any other factor and have a good going in the economy. This means human resource is very important part. Today session we will be talking about human resource as an asset not a liability.

Now when we understand human resources we basically classify the population into two: the dependent population and the working population.

The population in the working age group from 15 years to 64 years is classified under working population, however children and old age people less than 15 years and greater than 65 years are considered as dependent population who are dependent on the working population. Now this working population can definitely increase its skill and productivity and if you have good skill and productivity of the working population that would lead to significant contribution of the gross national product. For a working population to work efficiently what are the two primary concerns that we have: the first is the educational availability and next is the healthy human being, that means the education and health are the paramount concerns if you want a good working or a healthy working force.

Now educated and a healthy human being would definitely play an important role for human capital formation. You have a human capital that is formed it would definitely bring up avenues for investment. Now if we talk specifically about India we have various phases where we had exemplary role of human being or human as a resource and there was revolutionary breakthrough.

let՚s talk about agriculture, agriculture you had green revolution, where there was significant increase in the productivity. Similarly in dairy sector you had the white revolution, then you a have IT revolution in the technology sector. All these reveal that with given resources if we put in human resource along with the resources that are available we are sure to generate much higher productivity which in turn would increase the gross national product and which in turn would increase the investment opportunities. This is the kind of cycle, and a kind of good going economy would open more prospects and economics which is not working well would have lesser prospect and the cycle would go on and there would be diminished opportunities for the people to come in if the economy is not flourishing. Skill India is one of the recent projects that focuses on developing skills even for the students who have not done higher education so they can have skill generation by means of vocational education.

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