NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter 2: Forest & Wildlife Resources Completes Notes Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter 2: Forest and Wildlife Resources (Dr. Manishika) | English | CBSE

Biodiversity or Biological Diversity

  • Immensely rich in wildlife
  • Cultivated species
  • Diverse in form and function
  • Closely integrated in a system by multiple networks of interdependencies
  • Amongst world՚s richest nation in biodiversity
  • India – 8 % of world species

Now when we talk about forest and wild life, we must be familiar with what is biological diversity or biodiversity, when we talk about biodiversity, we include two common terms that is flora and fauna, fauna talks about the animal life, wild flora talks about the plant life now biodiversity is a kind of rich flora and fauna which is present in the wildlife so it has numerous cultivated species as well it has various forms and functions that each species has for its individual.

There is a kind of integrated system which is network of interdependencies between the flora and fauna so, let՚s say there are N number of trees in the region and half of them are cut then, due to this deforestation the fauna would be affected and there would be decrease in the wild life that is present in that region that means all the systems of a biodiversity are closely interrelated and there is a kind of multiple network of interdependencies that exist between the various flora and fauna.

India is among the world՚s richest bio diverse nations with nearly 8 % of the world species that are present in India.

Image Shows About Flora and Fauna

We talk in terms of the plant species India is home to the only 47,000 species of which you have nearly 15,000 flowering species which are endemic to India, endemic means they are present in India itself and of that you have of the total species you have 10 % which are grown in buying and are threatened or are at verge of extension.

The next is fauna, you have nearly 81,000 species of animals that are present in India 20 % of the mammal species is threatened, and you have 79 species of mammals, 44 species of birds, 15 of reptiles and 3 of amphibians that are again threatened.

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