NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter 2: Forest & Wildlife Resources Completes Notes Part 3

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Forest & Wildlife Resources

India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2015

  • Majority increase in open forest (9.14% increase) category mainly outside forest areas, followed by Very Dense Forest (2.61% increase)

  • Total forest cover in India: 7,01,673 sq. km (increased of 3775 sq km)

  • Total forest cover as percentage of geographical area: 21.34%

  • Total tree cover in India: 92,572 sq. km (increased of 1306 sq. km)

  • Total tree cover as percentage of geographical area: 2.82%

  • State with largest total forest cover: Madhya Pradesh - 77,462 sq. km

  • State having highest forest cover as % of its area: Mizoram (88.93%)

  • Increase in carbon sink: 103 million tons CO2 equivalent

  • Improvement in forest cover in: Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

Image shows the Forest Cover of India

Image Shows the Forest Cover of India

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The next is the state forest report 2015 now will be focusing on the recent forest report because this forest report was important as there was a rise in the open are and the dense forest if you look on to the global picture you have kind of nearly more that ¾ of land that is not forested nearly 21% land is under forest cover. What India believes is nearly 33% of the land should be under forest.

However there has been improvement in the forest cover in 5 of the streets at the scene that Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka of which Tamil Nadu and Kerala have shown significant rise in the net forest area.

Now the forests that are present act as a carbon sink because they absorb carbon dioxide and in turn gives fresh oxygen as a result there has been increase of 103 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent that has been absorbed by the forest it term of area Madhya pradesh has the largest forest cover but in terms of percentage of forested area proportional to the total area that is present, Mizoram stands at the first position with 88% of the total area under forest.

As you can see some of the starts here that is given which shows how the forest area has increased and there has been significant increase in the forest cover in the recent year.

Image of Forest Cover Changes Matrix for India Between ISFR …

Forest Cover Changes between ISFR 2013 and 2015

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Now this data shows the gain so the red shows the gain and the light blue shows the loss so as you can see we have done significant gain in the very dense forest, moderate forest and open forest area, however we have lost in terms of non-forest area scrub and parts of open forest which are moderately dense again this is very good indication because our aim is to achieve a 33% level of forestation and this gain shows a rising trend of forest or green plantation around so this is in comparison to the total 2013 data and we have seen that there has been a significant rise so this shows the increase in contrast to 2030.