NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter 6: Manufacturing Industries Completes Notes Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Manufacturing Industries

Now as we know manufacturing is an important sector which is secondary sector activity when we talked about the economic activity we understood that this is a kind of secondary activity and the basic economic strength of nations nice in the manufacturing. So as of 2014 if look around GDP turn over we would see that there is nearly 18 % of GDP comes from agriculture nearly 24 % GDP comes from Industries and the remaining 52 % of the GDP comes from the service sector. So industries definitely form important part of the total GDP of the nation.

As a result you have national manufacturing co-operation council that was established. Now if we look on to the basic idea of, Why industries are important?

Economic Strength is Measured by Manufacturing

We can say industries help to modernize agriculture, there are various agro wheels industries, which are based primarily on the agricultural producer, for example cotton industries.

Then you have industries which leads to more export and trade, so industries are a ways that could lead to more foreign earnings, again it has to eradicate poverty and unemployment more job opportunity, more salary and more income to household and the finally industries is bring to about diversifications in the economics which is very important because if the most of the people are engaged in agricultural activity and let՚s say monsoon is not good so there would be huge number of mass there would be affected by the monsoon vagary. So what would happen here would be it՚s important to half kind of diversification so that the economy does not suffer huge loss.

Factors Affecting Industrial Location

Factors Affecting Industrial Location

Now what are the factors affecting Industrial location? There are various factors which are required before we plan out and industry to be established in certain areas. So let՚s say if we are planning to established iron steel industry. The first and for most things would be there should be ample availability off water, these could be by means of lack body, river body, that exist close to, then you should have market, now this market is defined or governed by the amount of the finished product or the row material it has, so you would have determination of market that is very important.

The capital that goes into industries, the labor, and another important thing would be cheap availability of labor. So let՚s say most of the industries are coming to be established in china or India globally. So it՚s because of the availability of cheap labor.

Then availability of Raw material so let՚s say if you have a kind of sugarcane industries that would be established, you would established it close to the sugarcane farms because, transportation of sugar cane its self it would be a very bulky process. So availability of raw material and proximity to the raw material would be a key aspect, if raw material is bulky specifically.

Then proper availability of power, land, good infrastructure and transport connectivity and now finally communication facility. Now all this together helps us established in industries. Now more over let՚s say I have an industry A that is established here, some of the components of this industry A might be used in Industries B, so I would have this industry B that would come and established close to industry A and similarly happens with industry C and Industry D. and what finally happed is? You have a kind of Industrial cluster that is established in particular area and this is what is known as agglomeration effect.

So that is kind of agglomeration effect that works, where you have more than one industries that trying to come out under the single location, again this industries are affected by the process of urbanization so with the advent of urbanization you have better transportation, better equipments, better communication facilities, banking, insurance that all come into actions. So most of the industries are preferably located close to the urban area, where there availability of this infra-structure and transport facilities becomes easier.

Now simple outlay I can say how this industries system works is you have inputs that is transported to the factory from factory you generated out that again transported to market, and money from this market goes back to the inputs so that՚s the kind of chain or a kind of process that is involved in the industrialize system.

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