NCERT Class 10 Geography Chapter 7: Life Lines of National Economy Completes Notes Part 5

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Life Lines of National Economy


  • Fastest

  • Cover difficult terrain

  • Nationalized in 1953

  • UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik)

The next is airways, airways is the fastest most mode of transportation, it was nationalized in 1953 it cover most of the difficult terrain on the unreachable terrains you have the helicopter station you have in recent you have a scheme which is known as UDAN that has been released that the full form for this scheme is Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik that means a common man can fly and under this scheme you would have cap of 2500 per flight ticket for a minimum of 50% percent of the flight seats, now many of the flight partners have collaborated for this project and some of the state partners like Odisha has also participated for this project so these are some of the common updates under the scheme.


  • Postal network – largest in world

  • Largest telecom in Asia (STD, mobiles)

  • Mass Communication – Radio, TV, newspaper, DD

  • Largest producer of feature films in world

Now next is communication, under communication India has the largest postal network in the world, it is largest in terms of telecom networking with most of the STDs and the mobiles in the world then you have mass communication, mass communication is one that reaches the common man or the common people so the common modes could be either television, newspaper, radios, Doordarshan channel etc. and India is again one of the Largest producer of feature films in world.

International Trade

  • Exports & Imports (EXIM policy)

  • Balance of trade (favorable or unfavorable)

  • Most trades – Mineral fuels & gold

  • Highest exports – petroleum product & precious stones

  • Highest Imports – China > USA > Saudi Arabia

  • Highest Exports – USA > UAE > Hong Kong

  • Tourism - Revenue

Now the finally the most important topic for today is the trade, now trade if we try to maintain a balance we can have a healthy trade or a positive trade balance only if exports are greater than are imports because let’s say I’m earning 100 from exports and I am doing an imports of 20 that means I have a again of 20 and that is known as a positive balance of trade, so balance of trade is important so if it is positive that means the economics is doing good if it is negative that means economy is not doing good.

Now most of the trade from India is in the form of minerals fuels and gold the highest export are mainly the petroleum products and the precious stones the highest imports you have China, USA and Saudi Arabia. Highest Exports are from USA, UAE and Hong Kong. And again tourism as one of the growing sectors in terms of revenue generation. Where India can generate a lot of revenue through domestic as well as international tourism. Now these Exports & Imports are controlled under EXIM policy. So EX means “Export” and IM means “Import”, so you have EXIM policy that governs the exports and the imports of the nation.