NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 1: Earth in Solar System Complete Notes Part 2

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Earth in Solar System

Constellations (Group of Stars) – 88 Officially

About Constellation:

There are officially 88 constellations that exist and of these there are the shape of 12 major constellation like aquarius, Aries, Cancer so on.

Image of Constellations

Image of Constellations

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Ursa Major and Ursa Minar which are the two major constellation that exists. Now the Blue section of the Ursa Major also known as Big dipper of the big bear. This is the shape of bear it from shape of bear and also known as Big bear, star from the Saptrushi Mandal or seven star which from the “Saptrushi Mandal” in hindi.

Image of Saptarishi Mandal

Image of Saptarishi Mandal

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  • Ursa Major – Big Dipper

  • Tail – Alioth – Brightest in Ursa Major

  • Saptarishi Mandal

  • Polaris – Brightest in Ursa Minor

Polaris which is brightest star is in the minor and also considered one of the brightest star.


Recently it has been discovered that Pluto is not a planet. Rather it is a drawf planet, or we can say a planetoid.

Now planets system is classified in to two parts.

Image shows types of Planets

Image Shows Types of Planets

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Jovian means Jupiter like. You have the terrestrial planets which are consider up to Mars. These are close to the sun that is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars so earth is third closest to sun. And you have the 4 planets considered as rocky.

However you have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune which are the gaint planets they are large and they are consider to be low density planets.

However within this Jovian planets or gaint planets - Jupiter and Saturn are consider mainly gas planets. However Uranus and Neptune are considered Ice planets. You have Ice which is predominate and Uranus and Neptune however it is gas is Predominate in Jupiter and Saturn. beyond Neptune there exist Kuiper belt, the scientist precisely discovered a kind of OORT Cloud.