NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 2: Globe-Latitudes & Longitudes Complete Notes Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Globe - Latitudes & Longitudes

Indian Standard Time

Indian Standard Time

Now coming on the standard time zone as I said degree contributes to 24 hour. So you have degree which contributes 1 hour. So every degree meridian would be 1 hour. So I can also say degree would be 4 minutes. Now in India extension runs from degree east to degree east nearly. So total time difference between say Dwarka in the west to Dibrugarh in east would be around 1: 54 minutes.

However India have standardized complete time with a single time zone that is degree east and this degree east is ahead of Greenwich meridian by 5 hours 30 minutes in a simple terms if I say in London in Greenwich the local time is say the time in India would be same moment so the local time is a .

So if there is a live match that is going on a London at in India say you will see it at . That you have to understand to calculate the time zone differences with a fundamental example.

Time Zone

Now here is something that will try to explain on the concept of time zone. What I am drawing sheet for the time zone and I am trying to explain here to understand the time zone with a respect to different concept. One is I know a time in a particular time zone. I can find a time for another time zone. That next is if I know the time is a particular time zone and I am having a flight of 8 hour to 10 hours and I have to calculate time in another part when I reach. I could do that so there can be two types of calculation that could be involved here. Now first of all the degree is Greenwich Time that taken consideration. Now east of Greenwich would be degree for each line. So I just skip one by one line so, , degree east then , and so on. You reach degree and again this one degree to this one degree common line but draw on paper. I am marking these two lines both there. Now there are two thing we try to understand about time. let՚s say degree east the local time is . I need to find out local time at degree east.

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