NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 2: Globe-Latitudes & Longitudes Complete Notes Part 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Globe - Latitudes & Longitudes

How can I do that?

Example 1:

Time Zone Example 1

As we know every degree where different 1 time zone is, all that towards east would be an addition and Ahead. All to west would be subtraction or loss of time. So if here. At and , and and degree would be 6 pm. So if I know the time at degree east. Which is 2 pm. I can straight forwardly calculate at the time at degree east which would be . Now that՚s one way, other way around would be if I know time here is say and it would be .

So what is the difference between the time zone? See both values is degree east and degree east and you have one time and another time is . I simply subtract two times. So so would be . So difference between a time zone would be 4 hours.

Example 2:

Time Zone Example 2

Now if I have in another example which takes a as I say degree west and degree east. Now I have the time which is here. I am moving backwards so it would be .

So if it is at degree east it would be degree west. So what I am doing here is if I know the time zone, let see here time zone, is , because it this and here is and here is . So, what is the difference between two time zone. Since crossing the Greenwich meridian you would have to add this two values and time difference would be again 4 hours behind the time difference here. Which is so if we calculate that ways, you have time zone here and and different of would be 4 hours again. You can take difference at a time itself, or time zone. So first example explain about a time and second example explain about time zone.

So if you are using time zone you have + 2 time zone and + 6 time zone difference would be 4 hours. And again here + 2 time zone and -2 time zone different would be 4 hours again.

Let understand how?

If we run on a number line zero, I jump 1, 2, 3,4, 5,6 so if we work for a simple number line for a lower standard student. Then easily understand that from 2 if I՚m jumping on to 6 there is a difference of 4. I am moving on including negative number line in a same concept what would who happen? I՚m having + 2 time zone here and -2 time zone here, so my total time zone then again is difference that is 4.

Number Line for Understand Different Time Zone

This is the simple way to understand, when you cross Greenwich you have to add difference between to time zone, however if values are on the same side of the Greenwich be it east side and be it west side, you have subtraction and the time zone to find out the time difference.

So that is one way of calculation, now let՚s get example that will you help better understand, how work around the time zone.

let՚s say you have an example where you have degree west and you have a time which is 4pm. Now you to have find the time at degree east.

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