NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 4: Maps Complete Notes Part 1

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The starting with concept of Maps understanding Basic concept of mapping the different between sketching and plan. And then move forward understand the concept of in be details.

Maps – Types, Sketch & Plan

Now what exactly is map when we say representation of earth on the flat surface? For a 3D representation we jot it down on the sheet of the paper and convert it to a two-dimensional picture.

In simple terms it is impossible to flatten the round circle completely, as a result various kind of projection are used and this projection try to describe the global surface on to a flat surface by various means.

For now try to focus on primary idea of mapping. Now starting with map and it’s types. I can say maps can be of various types.

Three broad criteria in which divided us:

  1. Physical Maps

  2. Political Maps

  3. Thematic Maps

What are Physical Maps?

Physical maps are those we try to represent physical aspects on the paper. For the Example Mountains, river, lakes, forest all this come under physical aspect.

Then you have political Aspect when I try to explain city, district, state, country and boundary.

When I talk about thematic mapping. It is theme based. It can be the information on railways. It can be the information on roads. It can be the information on wildlife. It can be the information on industries, agriculture. So all those are thematic maps and theme based map.

Now again there are further classification about economic map, population map.

Now next idea is Different of maps, Sketch and plan.

Now if I have go to my friend place and I am able to reach there through some landmark. For example my friend guides me through the way to reach to home and I have a path say I start with my home, go straight to the nearest petrol pump, take a right turn at the petrol pump and reach new building of the school. From the school talk the turn and move left and you will see a garden shown ultimately a part of reach to friend house. What is happening here is, I draw this as a sketch and this is sketch is not on a scale. What is it means that I am drawing estimate direction, for example, I draw a petrol pump that could be say to 2kilometer/1kliometer whatever. But it is not exactly represented.

Image of Example for Sketch

Image of Example for Sketch

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However when we talk about sketch it is not on the scale. So the most important different between sketch and map is maps are always on scale.

What is plan?

Plan means I try to draw kind of small area on the large scale and provide a kind of detail information. For example, I am trying to buy a new house. I have some mindset that should be a living room, this should be the drawing area. So that means what happened under plan is I have kind of small area that just the house and I try to draw large picture of that house. In order to explain what amenities must be present in which corner of the house and say that this two should be a bedroom, this should be a living room, this should be the kitchen and so on.

Image of example for plane

Image of Example for Plane

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