NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 5: Major Domains of the Earth Complete Notes Part 3

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NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 3: Motions of the Earth (Examrace-Dr. Manishika) | English | CBSE

Composition of Atmosphere

Composition of Atmosphere
Composition of Atmosphere

We will talk about composition of atmosphere. You have nitrogen that accounts for and I would say nearly more than of the total atmosphere of the Gases. So, you have nitrogen accounting for , oxygen accounting for 21% and then you have other gases which includes are Argon, Carbon Dioxide so on and so forth.

Now nitrogen is important for growth. Oxygen is important for life, for breathing and daily activities. You have carbon Dioxide which provide warmth to the atmosphere, so absorb heat and is good for growth of plants. So, you have the trees which are useful for various activities.


  • Isthmus versus Strait
  • 7 Continents and Highlights
  • 4 Oceans and Highlights
  • Layers of Atmosphere

This chapter we have difference in Isthmus and strait and the major continents and their highlights, major oceans and their highlights, the various layers of atmosphere which would discuss. Now another some peculiar points.

As we move up you have the density that decreases and you have maximum density of air that exist on the ground surface. As you up, air becomes rarified and as a result you have trekking activities that happened on mountains its important you have to acclimatize.

Biosphere as I said is the life zone. So, you include two major aspects in biosphere, one is the plant kingdom and second you have the Animal kingdom. So, plant and animal kingdom together compose the biosphere. Again, under biosphere we need to understand. We have biosphere activities like cutting of trees, destruction of soils, all this affect the biosphere. Then you have increase in the carbon dioxide, oxides from vehicles, from industries that would again need to increase the global temperature. Activities work around the three zones of lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere directly or indirectly affect the biosphere that is the plant and animal kingdom.

Now plant kingdom is also known as flora and animal kingdom is known as fauna and we will be using these terms off and on when we discuss further lectures on geography.