NCERT Class 6 Geography Chapter 7: Our Country – India Complete Notes Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Our Country – India

let՚s start with major facts about India.

Major Facts About India

  • Area – 3.28 million sq. km.
  • N-S Extent - 3,214 km
  • E-W Extent - 2,933 km
  • Size by Population – China, India (2nd largest)
  • Size by Area – 7th Largest
  • N-S: 8°4 ‘to 37°6’ north
  • E-W: 68°7 ‘to 97°25’ east
  • 82°30՚ as Standard Meridian or IST
  • Land frontier: 15,200 km
  • Coastline: 7,516.6 km

The total area is 3.28 Million Square kilometer.

Now if we talk about the latitude aspect we say India extent from 8°4 ‘to 37°6’ to north that means on the globe, India totally lies is into region of north hemisphere because it 8°4 ‘north to 37°6’ north. So India lies totally of north hemisphere.

Then again talk about the east to west extent on the longitude extent. We say India lies from 68°7 ‘degree east to nearly 97°25’ east that means India totally like is in eastern hemisphere. It is not in the western hemisphere.

Now you have 68°7 ′ to 97°25 ′ so what is a kind of center for this would be 82°30 ′ and this is considered as the standard meridian or the Indian standard time which is accepted universally for India.

We already covered understanding the time zone in chapter-2 of NCERT class 6. India has a coastline of 7,516.6 kilometers in contrast to land frontier which must higher, nearly double of 15,200 kilometers nearly.

Map of India

let՚s talk about to the major ocean the ocean that lies east is Bay of Bengal. Towards the west you half the Arabian Sea and towards the south you have the India Ocean.

Now when we talk about India and it՚s state you have call the state which are part of the main land. Only two unique islands are not part of Indian mainland. that՚s Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar islands lies in Bay of Bengal. Lakshadweep lies in Arabian Sea.

Now we talk about the neighbors of India.

Neighbors Countries of India

  • Bangladesh (4096 km)
  • Bhutan (699 km)
  • Myanmar (1643 km)
  • China (4057 km)
  • Nepal (1751 km)
  • Pakistan (3323 km)
Neighboring Countries of India

You have Pakistan which boundary to west then you have a small section of Afghanistan that touch through the Pak occupied Kashmir. You have major states that runs and have boundaries with China then you have India boundaries with Nepal, Bhutan with Bangladesh and finally you have boundaries with Myanmar.

So these nations, India has land boundaries. let՚s move on to the Oceans boundaries, if I say you have two major set of island group here. First is Maldives which lies in Arabian Sea south of Lakshadweep then you have Sri Lanka which is separated from India by Palk Strait.

What is say strait and Isthmus has already been talked about in the previous lecture.

Now next is Political Geography of India in the next part.

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