NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 1: Environment Complete Notes Part 1

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Let’s understand the terms environment first and then will move forward to understand the concept of ecology and ecosystem. However, those are not exactly part of the topic but I would like to cover it here so as provide to details of the concept of environment ecology and ecosystem and the basic different between a three.


  • French “Environer” - Neighborhood

  • Basic Life Support System

  • Place, people, things and nature surrounding living organisms

  • Includes natural and human made phenomena

  • 5th June: World Environment Day

  • Human Modify Environment: Pollution, Manufacturing

  • Environment Affect Humans: Disasters

Now word environment is derived from the French word ‘Environer’ which means Neighborhood. So it a kind of basic life support system which is affected by the people, place, thing and the nature surrounding that living organism. Environment include both the nature as well as human made phenomena. Now 5th of June is celebrated worldwide as “world environment day”.

Stream that talked about the environment plays predominate role in governing human Behaviour. Is known as determinism and explain that natural disaster, natural calamity can affect human beings. Humans are affected by climatic changes. However later on there was another set of geographer who started work with the concept that it is not just the environment which govern us. We humans modify the environment or change the environment according to our requirement and thus this stream was later on known as possibilism. We have covered detailed lecture on this topic separately and now we will be understanding the components of environment.

Components of Environment

Components of Environment

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I would say there are three components the first is the natural components, the next is human made components and human component. Now there is slight different between the human made components and the human components. Let’s first work around natural components.

Natural components as known in simple terms are land, Air and water as discussed when we talk about biosphere. Lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere is the same here. So you have land means lithosphere, air that is atmosphere, water that is hydrosphere. All these three together from biosphere where living organism can exist.

Now human component of human would be an individual then comes family, and then comes my community. Then they are numerous factors that affect the person for example religion, culture, level of education, political back up etc. So all those thing affect human set up. So all those factor are the human fectors.

Then come the factors that are made by human being. So this the factors which I would say are abstract but they are factors established by humans, for example Bridges, Tunnel, Canals, Roads, Railways. Therefore, they are three basic components, which we divide environment in.