NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 8: Human Environment Interactions – Tropical & Subtropical Region Completes Notes Part 1

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Human Environment Interactions – Tropical & Subtropical Region

Life in Amazon Basin

  • Equatorial Region

  • Amazon River

  • Place where river flows into another body of

Water is river’s mouth – Brazil, Peru, Ecaudor, Colombia, Venezuela,

Image of Life in Amazon Basin

Image of Life in Amazon Basin

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Now let’s first look at the North or South America and see where the Amazon basin exactly is. so this is the area where you have the amazon river that flows in. it covers most of Brazil parts of Paru, Ecaudor, Colombia, Venezuela and then you have the amazon river that flows through here. amazon river is also known for changing its colors and the place where the river flows into another body of water is known as river mouth, this region is mainly an equatorial region as we discussed previously the region line north and south of equator are the regions of other equatorial regions. Now what are the classic characteristics of equatorial region? First is the hot and humid climate, the weather is mainly sticky there is different drying the daytime and the night time. so in the day time you would have hot high temperature I can say high temperature and high humidity however during the night time what would happen the region would have low temperature but high humidity.

Now this region is predominantly occupied by what are known as rain forest so all the tropical regions are mainly occupied by rain forest now the classic characteristic of rain forest are these have dense growth of trees since they have dense growth of trees the sunlight cannot penetrate deeper as a result the undergrowth of the trees or the undergrowth shrubs is the very less the ground is mainly dark and then. so the region towards the bottom would be dark and damp because sufficient sunlight cannot pass into that region through the huge lot of canopy that overflows it. so the grounds region would be mainly dark and dump. there would be shade tolerant vegetation that would be formed now if we talk about vegetation South America specifically the Amazon basin mainly has potato, Cassava, Maize and pineapple as the main crop sweet potato as a main crop. Cassava is a crop which is similar to potato and it’s grown specifically in regions of south America it is also known as manioc that’s another name for Cassava so this are the primary vegetations. Settled life is very less mostly kind of hunting and gathering lifestyle that is found in the tribal belts of Amazon river basin post 1970 there has been drastic changes in the lifestyle of Amazon region with more of industries coming in you have settlement that are being seen here helicopters and airoplanes has provided areas which have now accessible to common man and there has been developmental activities that are seen in parts of Amazon basin. The main core of amazon still is inaccessible for most of the days of a year.

Now what are the major flora and fauna when it comes to wildlife monkey, slots, tapirs. Tapirs are the main fauna or the wildlife that is seen here. Then you also have crocodile’s pythons and anaconda that are seen. Among the birds you have kind of birds which are mainly pesants and monars besides that you also have kind of plant parasites that are seen a common plant parasite bromeliads that is seen here and this is a unique parasite because it stores a lot of water in the leaves itself so it is store water mainly in the leaves and then you have another plant parasites as orchids that are seen in the Amazon basin so these are some of the common characteristics again since you have the tribal population that dominate here you have kind of flash and burn agriculture that is seen which is what we call as shifting cultivation that we discussed in the previous class. Slash and burn is the main kind of agriculture practice that is seen women and female member of the society usually take care of the cropping patterns. Males are mainly engaged in hunting and gathering of the food. The commercial crops that are now grown here include coffee, Maize and coco that’s the main crops that are grown here so this is a kind brief outline about the amazon basin. the next you have the ganga- Brahmaputra basin.