NCERT History Class 6 – Notes of Chapter 2: On The Trail of The Earliest People

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  • Factory sites is a center for stone and people made tools.

  • People lived at Habitation-cum-factory for longer attractions of time at the factory and did production work.

  • Kurnool Site (Andhra Pradesh) was well known for bits of ash and this advises that people were used to with the use of fire.

Kurnool site in Map

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  • Paleolithic was known as age of stone tools about 12,000 years ago. It is divided into the Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic and almost covers 99% of human history.

  • Mesolithic was known for environmental changes with stone tools that are tiny (microliths) - stuck on to handles of bone or wood to make tools like saws and sickles about 10,000 years ago.

  • During Paleolithic period at Patne (Maharashtra) a large quantities shells were found and these designs were engraved on some pieces.

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