NCERT History Class 6 – Notes of Chapter 3: From Gathering to Growing Food (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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  • Weather of the world was changing and peoples were change, they started to preferred plants and animals for food.
  • The ancestor of the dog was the first animal under tame was of and then moderately calm animals were controlled like sheep, goat, cattle and about 12,000 years ago Domestication was began.

Settled Life

  • Peoples form Burzahom (Kashmir) had started to build pit-houses -dug into the ground with steps leading into them and provided shelter in cold weather.
Pit-Houses - Dug
  • Compared to the earlier Paleolithic tools stone tools from sites were different and so called Neolithic.
  • These also comprised many types of earthen pots.

Customs and Practices

  • Many farmers and herders started live in groups which are recognized as tribes.
  • Women did the agrarian work such as making the ground etc. and Men acted as leaders.
  • They may be old and knowledgeable, or young, brave warriors, or priests.
  • And then tribes have rich and unique cultural traditions and had their own gods and goddesses.
  • Children frequently observed after florae and group animals.

Mehrgarh Site

  • It is located near Bolan Pass (currently Baluchistan) on way to Iran.
Mehrgarh Site
  • Previously archaeological site found drafts of wild animals counting deer and pig.
  • And diggings of sheep and goat were also seen so that we get idea that people were herders. So Mehrgarh peoples were considered as hunters and later as herders previously.
  • It is one of the earliest villages
  • People grew barley and wheat, and rear sheep and goats at that time.
  • And the houses are in the shape of square or rectangular.
  • According to their burial grounds People believed in life after death.

Daojali Hading

  • It is located on hills near the Brahmaputra Valley.
Daojali Hading
  • Jadeite, a stone which was brought from China
  • Tools were made up from fossil wood and stone tools like mortars and pestles
  • Form we get idea clear idea that people also did agricultural activities.

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