Basics of Mathematics Class 1 Learning Shapes 2 Dimensional Shapes (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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2-Dimensional Shapes

A shape or a figure that has a length and a breadth only is a 2D shape. The sides are made of straight or curved line.

A Shape or a Figure That Has a Length and a Breadth Only is …

Q. Circle: A Perfectly round shape.

Circle: A Perfectly Round Shape

Answer: Circle

Button is Round Shape

Button is Round Shape

Q. Semi Circle: A semi circle is a half circle.

A Semi Circle is a Half Circle

Answer: Semi Circle

Protractor Shape is Semi Circle

Protractor Shape is Semi circle.

Q. Oval: An oval is a curve resembling Squashed circle, but unlike elipse, without a precise Mathematical defintion. The word OVAL Derived from the latin word “OVUS” for egg.

An Oval is a Curve Resembling Squashed Circle

Answer: Oval

Egg Shape is a Oval

Egg Shape is a oval.

Q. Triangle: A triangle with three equal sides and three angles.

A Triangle with Three Equal Sides and Three Angles

Answer: Triangle

This Image is a Triangle Shape

This image is a triangle Shape.

Quadrilateral: A four sided Polygon or a figure with four sides and four Angles.

Quadrilateral: A Four Sided Polygon or a Figure

Q. Square: A quadrilateral with four equal sides and four right angles.

Square: A Quadrilateral with Four Equal Sides and Four Righ …

Answer: Square

Carom Board is Square Shape

Carom Board is Square Shape.

Q. Rectangle: A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel, equal sides and four right angles.

Rectangle: A Quadrilateral with Two Pairs of Parallel

Answer: Rectangle

Ten Rupees Note Shape is Rectangle

Ten Rupees note Shape is Rectangle.

Q. Rhombus: A rhombus is a simple quadrilateral whoses four sides all have the same length. Another name is equilateral quadrilateral, equilateral means that all of sides are equal in length. A rhombus with right angles is a square.

Rhombus: A Rhombus is a Simple Quadrilateral

Answer: Rhombus

Kite is a Rhombus Shapes

Kite is a Rhombus shapes.

Q. Paralleogram: A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides Parallel. But there are various tests that can be applied to see if something is a parallelogram.

A Parallelogram is a Quadrilateral with Opposite Sides Paral …

Answer: Paralleogram

Wood this Part Shape is a Parallegram

Wood this part Shape is a Parallegram.

Q. Pentagon: A Shape with five sides and five angles. It having Pentagon as across section or as a base a Pentagonal pyramid.

Pentagon: A Shape with Five Sides and Five Angles

Answer: Pentagon

Bird House is a Pentagon Shape

Bird house is a pentagon Shape.

Q. Star: A star is a star polygon in a regular pentagram.

Star: A Star is a Star Polygon in a Regular Pentagram

Answer: Star

Star Fish is a Star Shape

Star fish is a Star Shape.

Q. Hexagon: A shape is a regular polygon. It is having six sides and six angles.

Hexagon: A Shape is a Regular Polygon

Answer: Hexagon

Honey Club Cell is a Hexagon Shape

Honey Club cell is a Hexagon Shape.

Q. Heptagonal: A shape with seven sides and seven angles. it՚s called a regular heptagon beacause all sides and angles are conguruent, conguruent means they are equal in size and shapes.

Heptagonal: A Shape with Seven Sides and Seven Angles

Answer: Heptagonal

50 Pence Coin is a Heptagonal Shape

50 Pence coin is a Heptagonal Shape.

Q. Octagon: A Shape with eight sides and eight angle. An Octagon can also be called a polygon because it has straight sides and is a flat shapes.

A Shape with Eight Sides and Eight Angle

Answer: Octagon

This Frame Shape is a Octagon

This frame Shape is a Octagon.

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