NCERT Class 8 Mathematics Chapter 15 Introduction to Graphs CBSE Board Sample Problems (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Graphs Are Visual Representations of Data Collected
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1.GraphGraphs are visual representations of data collected
2.Bar GraphA bar graph is used to show comparison among categories
A Bar Graph is Used to Show Comparison Among Categories
3.Pie chartA circle graph shows the relationship between a whole and its part
A Circle Graph Shows the Relationship between a Whole and It …
4.histogramsA Histogram is bar graph that shows data in intervals. It has adjacent bars over the intervals
A Histogram is Bar Graph That Shows Data in Intervals
5.Line graphA line graph displays data that changes continuously over periods of time.
A Line Graph Displays Data That Changes Continuously
6.Liner graphA line graph which is a whole unbroken line is called a liner graph
A Line Graph Which is a Whole Unbroken Line is Called a Line …

Cartesian System

The system of fixing a point with the help of two measurements, vertical and horizontal is known as Cartesian system

Cartesian System

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