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Communication Services

(III) Insurance Services: These are

  • Postal Life Insurance (PLI):

    • Suraksha (whole life insurance)

    • Suvidha (Convertible whole life assurance)

    • Santosh (endowment assurances)

    • Sumangal (Anticipated endowment assurance)

    • Yugal Suraksha (joint life endowment assurance for couples)

  • Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI).

(IV) Business Development Services: Some services such as:

Business Development Services

Business Development Services

Business Development Services

(V) E-Post:

Various telecommunication services now available in India are as follows.

  • Fixed Line Phone

    • Used for internal and external business communications.

    • Facilitates both oral conversation as well as sending written text messages

  • Cellular Services

    • Possesses many modern features like Short Messaging Services (SMS), Multi Media Messaging Services (MMS) etc.

    • Service providers like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Hutch, Reliance and Tata in India.

  • Telegram

    • Form of written communication by which messages can be sent quickly to distant places.

    • Used when there is an urgency of communicating an important message.

  • Telex

    Provides a means of printed communication using teleprinter.

  • Fax

    Using telephone lines, this machine sends the exact copy of the document to another fax machine at the receiving end.

  • Voice Mail

    Computer based system for receiving and responding to incoming telephone calls.

  • E-mail

    Transmits the written message, pictures or sounds etc. from one computer to others connected through internet facility.

  • Unified Message Service

    Fax, voice mails and e-mails can be received from one mail box using telephone instrument, fax machine, mobile phones, internet browsers, etc.

  • Teleconferencing

    • People can hear the voice and see the picture of others.

    • Also respond to their queries while sitting in different countries.

Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication