NCERT Computer: Chapter 6 – Fundamentals of Internet and Java Programming Part 6

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How Java Ignores the Identity of Your Chip?

The chip inside your computer understands a machine code only.

Since this is too complex, programmers use a high level language. This is the source code. This is converted into a machine code which the CPU understands.

Java follows a different route. In this context, we should know more about compiling and interpreting. Compiled programs make the entire machine code available to the computer at one go.

Every time you use the application, every line of machine code is installed in the memory of your computer.

This byte code is actually compatible with a computer that exists not as hardware but as software: the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

This diagram shows hardware compatibility pre-jaba and post-java

Diagram Shows Hardware Compatibility Pre-Jaba and Post-Java

This diagram shows hardware compatibility pre-jaba and post-java

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