Chapter 18 – Home Family and Home Science-Growth & Development Part 3

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  • Mental retardation is delay or slowness in a child’s mental development. The child who is mentally retarded learns things at a slower rate than other children of the same age. The development milestones of such children are delayed.

  • The degree of mental retardation depends upon the extent of damage that has taken place in the brain. Some children are more retarted than others.

  • Helping mentally Retarted Children

    • Never call these children ‘stupid or idiot’ . It hurts them as it would hurt you.

    • Let the children do as much they can by themselves. Help only when asked for. Slowly teach the children to dress and undress themselves, eat properly, share things with others and follow simple directions.

    • If the degree of mental retardation is not very high, them involve the children in simple household tasks.

    • Enroll mentally children in special schools they are given training in some vocation for income generation.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • RTI

  • STD


Image of Sexually transmitted Diseases

Image of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Image of Sexually transmitted Diseases

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