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We had learn about fibres and their properties, fabric construction methods, and the different types of finishes to textiles. These finishes give fabric a specific look with the help of which we are able to recognise the fabric.

Selection of Fabric for Different and Uses

When you look around your house you will find that there are various types of fabrics used for different things. Fabric used for curtains is different from the fabric used for apparel or the intimate garments.

  • Fibre Properties

    • Length and appearance of the fibre

    • Moisture absorption

    • Heat conductivity

    • Strength

  • Fibre Construction

  • Finishes Applied

Factors Influencing Selection of Clothing

The Clothes that you choose to buy and wear are influenced by several factors such as climate, age, occasion, activity and occupation.

Image of Factors influencing selection of clothing

Image of Factors Influencing Selection of Clothing

Image of Factors influencing selection of clothing

Meal Practices

  • Meal Practices is essential for all of us to know about these and to do the needful to control these.

  • Some of the commonly observed malpractices in this area are;

    • Giving lesser quantity

    • Cheating on price.

    • Selling defective goods.

    • Providing false, misleading and labels and markings.

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