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Changing Family Scenario

Earlier, industrialization has brought about many changes in the type of family and as a result, in the roles and responsibilities of members of a family. So far, in a tradition family, the sons ‘took on’ the family business or profession. The Father or male members used to earn money and were responsible for the ‘outside’ work. The women looked after home and children.

Now boy or girl, are more educated and have greater and better opportunities for jobs. In some cases women have taken up jobs outside the house and have the added responsibility of earning and looking after the home and children.

Family life was earlier rigidly patriarchal, where children and wives had few rights and privileges and were not free to voice an opinion. It is now undergoing a change. In the modern home women have greater freedom and social importance.

Concept of ‘Health’

Health is the state of being free from disease.

According to World Health Organization:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease.”

Image of Good Health

Image of Good Health

Image of Good Health

Factors Contributing to Health of the Family

Nutritious Food

  • We need to eat so that we get energy, build muscles and bones and protect our body from disease.

  • We must eat a balanced diet, which means our food must have carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right quantity. The ‘right quantity’ depends on the age, sex, work of person, status of health etc.

  • A growing child needs more protein, an adult needs more carbohydrate, sick people need different should not be given sweets.

  • We should avoid eating in between meals.

  • Children should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables and less of fried and fast fool like hamburgers and pizzas.

  • Consumption of sweets, chocolates and cola drinks should be minimal.

Personal Hygiene

  • Cleanliness: These must be cleaned regularly. Cleanliness of Hands, Skin, Hair, Teeth, Nose, Eyes, Ears, Nails, have must required.

  • Physical exercise: Some kind of physical exercise is necessary for all age groups. All the organs of the body receive required oxygen and nourishment for normal healthy growth.

  • Rest and sleep: During the day you work a lot and your body muscles get tired. Similarly your brain too gets tired because you read and memorize and do so many other things mentally.

  • Healthy habits: You should develop good habits.

  • Sanitation: It means not to allow our surroundings to become dirty.

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