Environmental Pollution and Role of Business – Causes of Pollution

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Environmental Pollution and Role of Business

  • It is important to protect environment to preserve society.

  • every business must take measures to protect environment rather than damaging it.

  • Environmental pollution is of three types: Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Land Pollution.

  • Business can help in three ways to control environmental pollution-Preventive, Curative and Awareness.

Causes of Air Pollution through Business Activities

  • Emission of smoke from oil refineries, burning of trees and plants in forests, burning of coal etc.

  • Emission of smoke, dust and chemicals from manufacturing plants

  • Emission of gases and dust arising from atomic plants

Causes of Water Pollution through Business Activities

  • Dumping of wastes and effluents by various industrial units into rivers and canals.

  • Drainage of toxic substances like chemicals and fertilizers used in cultivation, into streams and rivers.

  • Dumping of garbage, dead bodies and almost everything used in rituals into nearby water sources.

Causes of Land Pollution through Business Activities

  • Disposal of solid waste of industries mines and quarries.

  • Effluents of some plants which are not absorbed by soil.

  • Excessive use of plastic bags, which are non-biodegradable.

  • Dumping of non-compostable wastes from households, hotels and hospitals as well as from industries.

Business in Environmental Pollution

Business in Environmental Pollution

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